Car Rental

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We, at Rancho El Sobrino, also rent cars to our guests. 
We offer small cars, middle sized cars and Pick-Up Trucks. If you rent a car you can receive it at the airport and then return it back at the airport. In that case you will not need a transfer or have to pay a taxi for arriving at the Rancho El Sobrino Resort & Blue View Apartments. Also, you can park your car directly in the back by the diving shop or in front of your Blue View Apartment. 

The small cars can also be used for diving by folding down the back seats. Tanks, weights and equiment for 2 persons will fit in perfectly. If you are 3 or more people who want to go diving, we recommend to rent a Pick-Up Truck. The spacious loading space offer enough space.  

A small car costs $40 per day incl taxes. A middle sized car costs $50 per day and a Pick-Up Truck $65 per day. All cars are insurance but have an excess of $500.