Adriana's Paradise

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Vacation House

We invite you to experience our vacation house Adrianas paradise in the authentic neighbourhood of the fishervillage Westpoint in Curacao. Surrounded by the green nature of this part of the island you have found the perfect vacation spot and the beach is only a few minutes away!

From the late 50ies, the owner Randolph used to live with his family (nine brothers and sisters) in this house. Of course back then there was no pool, let alone running water or electricity. The boys had to walk five times in the mornings before school to the dwell to bring water for the mother to cook and wash for the day. The dwell was located where you can find the small blue police station in Westpoint today. The school, now abandoned next to the church was run by Dutch monks who were very strict. After school the boys could only study until sunset. The oil lamps ran out fast the family would go to sleep at 20.00 pm. Later on the father bought a small generator running on diesel, which gave them electricity for two hours a day. Although life was hard back then, the kids enjoyed to hunt iguanas and to swim in the nearby Ocean.

The mother Adriana, used to sell fresh fish all the way up in the harbor of Punda, the late father Tommy was a hard working carpenter. Adriana lived in her house until she died in 2008. Randolph took the house over from his brothers and sisters and started to rebuild it in 2013. He named it after his beloved mother ?Adrianas paradise?

You will feel the breeze around the house and the peacefulness sitting on the back porch looking into the small hills just like the family itself. Until today all living brothers and sisters have a loving relationship with each other.

The vacation home consists of 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It has a large open kitchen with a living room and a lot of comfortable sitting areas. The Veranda also offers a large space to sit outside, enjoy the quietness and the Caribbean sun or set up parties. 

The fresh water pool is being cleaned every day.

The villa provides not only WIFI and a smart TV. Also an electric entrance gate with a large parking space for up to 4 cars and an alarm System. You can also find a washing machine there as well as a microwave and everything else you need to enjoy a relaxing vacation.